The Desert


The Desert

Across winter's warm days and crisp evenings, Oman's deserts beckon to adventurers who embrace natural beauty and exceptional experiences. Spanning the Sultanate, with differences as vast as sand seas and as subtle as windswept footprints, Oman’s deserts await you.

Visitors who enjoy luxury amid natural beauty can experience artfully created accommodations. For those who find comfort in a sleeping bag, alternatives are as plentiful – and gorgeous -- as stars in a desert’s midnight sky. Travel short distances from large cities for an hour’s escape from urban life or venture beyond civilisation and stay for days.

Embark on easy walks or challenging treks, on foot or on a camel. Observe strange, artful rock formations. Surf soft, towering dunes. Take pictures that capture subtleties in sand, light and shadows. Explore what might be a lost city of legendary tales. Let vast golden sands take your breath away.

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