Discover Muttrah's Rich Treasures

Muttrah – Oman's ancient center of commerce – is now an exciting, thriving home to history, culture, shopping and dining with something special for everyone.


Visitors and residents are drawn to the central Muscat district’s corniche, home of the famed Muttrah Souq, an endlessly intriguing hub of the district. This energy-filled, traditional market offers everything from artful textiles and jewellery to souvenirs and everyday needs such as hardware and haircuts..

Visitors looking for distinctive items which reflect the nation’s culture can find the antique mandoos, wedding chests which are brought down from the Hajar Mountains; silver khanjars, curved daggers which are an essential element of Oman’s history and Omani men’s formal attire; and aluminium serving dishes for shuwa, – marinated lamb cooked in an underground oven, which is at the heart of the Sultanate’s culinary heritage.

It’s a pleasure to simply wander through the souq’s narrow walkways full of small shops amid exotic scents of perfumes and frankincense. Let the alluring aromas and collection of bright colours take you where they may, past beckoning merchants and people from across the globe, as it was hundreds of years ago.

You could spend many enjoyable hours there, haggling over handicrafts and attempting to make sense of the maze, especially if you venture away from the heavily touristic main drag into the tangled backstreets beyond.

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