Jebel Shams the Grand Canyon of Arabia


Jebel Shams

Jebel Shams (Mountain of Sun), the country’s highest mountain is a tranquil land that features extraordinary views and options for comfortable accommodations or living on the land.

Accessible via four-wheel-drive vehicles and located 240 km from Muscat, Jebel Shams is home to Wadi Ghul, also known as the Grand Canyon of Arabia, with sheer cliff faces that stretch for more than 1000 metres. An excellent destination for photography enthusiasts and everyone who enjoys rugged, natural beauty, Jebel Shams is also home to understated, high-quality hotels that were built to suit their surroundings.

For visitors who prefer more of a nature-oriented experience, Jebel Shams offers excellent options for campers and adventurous explorers. There are countless choices for hiking, from short, easy walks to outings that require proper equipment, training and fitness.

Near the summit, the terrain forms a large, flat plateau, which is a perfect place for pitching your tent, enjoying a picnic or simply resting and enjoying fresh mountain air and natural beauty in one of Oman’s most special places.

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