Just 2 hours from Muscat in the Al Sharqiya region, Bidiya’s breathtaking sands rest at the edge of an exquisite world. This vast, fascinating environment stretches across 15 towns and villages, which are home to gorgeous natural locations and rich, dynamic culture. We welcome you to this special place where visitors of all ages enjoy exceptional experiences.


Bidiya is known for its oases and historical sites which offer opportunities to explore, along with soft stretches of deserts for exercise, adventures and enjoying tranquil beauty. Serious trekkers can test their fitness by climbing dunes which can rise above 50 meters – and offer sensational views from their summits.

Visitors can also enjoy camel races and Arabian horse races, along with various motorsports. In all its diversity, Bidiya is a tremendous destination for photography and videography enthusiasts to create memories which last forever.

Whatever might call travellers to its sands, sights and serenity, a wonderful adventure awaits everyone who comes to Bidiya.

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