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Whichever cabin you are travelling in, you can send SMS or make calls to your friends, family or colleagues with our OnAir mobile services. Or log-on and check emails, surf the web and update your social media with Oman Air’s WY-Fi internet services.


Your device or ours, you are in control.


And our great-value, flexible pricing means that you can choose the level of connectivity you want, whenever you fly on our Airbus A330 Fully Connected flights.


You can browse the internet on your smart phones at the rates of USD 5 and USD 15. You can also browse using your laptops or on In-flight seat back screens at the rate of USD 15 and USD 40. For more details, LOG ON and start surfing.


To make in-flight calls from your mobile phone, international roaming charges will apply and these will vary according to your mobile service provider and your individual service package. For specific pricing details, please contact your provider before flying.


Stay connected and enjoy your flight!

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