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Featured Movie of the Month

  • Big Hero 6

    Big Hero 6

    A special bond develops between the plus-sized inflatable robot Baymax and prodigy Hiro Hamada, who team up with a group of friends to form a band of high-tech heroes.

Other Movies

  • Gone Girl

    Gone Girl

    With his wife's disappearance becomes the focus of an intense media circus, a man sees the spotlight turned on him when it's suspected that he may not be innocent.

  • The Judge

    The Judge

    Big city lawyer Hank Palmer returns to his childhood home, where his father, the town's judge, is suspected of murder. Hank sets out to discover the truth and reconnects with his family.

  • Rudderless


    A grieving father in a downward spiral stumbles across a box of his deceased son's demo tapes and lyrics. Shocked by the discovery, he forms a band in the hope of finding some peace.

  • Fury


    A war-weary, cynical American tank crew who have survived 3 years of war against all odds, is joined by a young replacement without combat experience as the war nears an end.

Box Set

  • Ray Donovan: The Bag or the Bat

    Ray Donovan: The Bag or the Bat

    Ray's life is thrown into turmoil when his father Mickey unexpectedly gets out of prison five years early, kills a priest, and arrives in LA, vowing to take revenge on Ray for framing him.

    Category : Western
    Language : English

  • Friends: The One with Monica's Thunder

    Friends: The One with Monica's Thunder

    Everybody toasts the engagement. Phoebe wants to be the musician at the wedding. Joey prepares for an audition where he must play a 19-year-old. Monica thinks Rachel is trying to steal her night.

    Category : Western
    Language : English

Travel & Beyond

  • Oman, From Sea To Incense

    Oman, From Sea To Incense

    The Sultanate of Oman is rich and modern, and has kept many of its ancestral customs. These traditions combined with the diversity of its land and sea make Oman one of the best kept secrets of the Middle East.

    Category : Western
    Language : English


  • Soula: Wael Jassar

    Soula: Wael Jassar

    Superstar Asala Nasri hosts a range of celebrity friends in her home for friendly chatting, exchange of ideas and singing.

    Category : Arabic
    Language : Arabic

Music & Arts

  • Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga: Cheek To Cheek Live!

    Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga: Cheek To Cheek Live!

    This is an electrifying evening of music that bridges generations as the legendary Tony Bennett and pop superstar Lady Gaga perform classic jazz standards.

    Category : Western
    Language : English

Discovery Channel

  • How It's Made - Dream Cars: Porsche 911

    How It's Made - Dream Cars: Porsche 911

    Join the How It's Made crew as we go to its birthplace, revealing the inner workings and gorgeous exterior of the Porsche 911.

    Category : Western
    Language : English

Business Worldwide

  • Inside the Middle East: Journey to Algiers

    Inside the Middle East: Journey to Algiers

    Inside the Middle East travels to Algiers, the cosmopolitan capital of Algeria. We focus on the city's up-and-coming modern art scene and explore the traditional art of ceramic tile painting.

    Category : Western
    Language : English

Lifestyle & Showbiz

  • Marlon Brando: An Actor Named Desire

    Marlon Brando: An Actor Named Desire

    The anatomy of a myth. Ten years after his death, a fresh and unflinching look at the most legendary actor of all time, Marlon Brando.

    Category : Western
    Language : English

Drama & Theater

  • Al Mosameh Kareem: Episode 2

    Al Mosameh Kareem: Episode 2

    This emotionally charged show touches upon all aspects of human emotions as it aims to reunite participants going through moments of surprise, drama, heartache and definitely raw emotions.

    Category : Arabic
    Language : Arabic


  • Comedy Nights with Kapil: Sonam Kapoor - Khubsoorat

    Comedy Nights with Kapil: Sonam Kapoor - Khubsoorat

    Don't miss the guest of this episode, Sonam Kapoor, in the most riotous comedy on television, "Comedy Nights with Kapil," hosted by Kapil Sharma.

    Category : International
    Language : Hindi

To suite your groove

  • Four (The Ultimate Edition)


  • Wael 2015

    Wael 2015

  • Globalization


  • Whiplash


  • Beautiful Life

    Beautiful Life

  • The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Pt. 1

    The Hunger Games:
    Mockingjay, Pt.1

  • PK


  • Sokar Ganabak

    Sokar Ganabak

  • Montevallo


  • Still the One

    Still the One


  • Holy Quran

    Holy Quran

Tune in

  • Masterpiece


  • Mumbai Glitz

    Mumbai Glitz

  • Cool Jazz

    Cool Jazz

  • Chennai Parade

    Chennai Parade

  • Easy Lounge

    Easy Lounge

  • Royal Opera

    Royal Opera

  • Voice of Oman

    Voice of Oman

  • Oman Unlimited

    Oman Unlimited

  • The Sky Lounge

    The Sky Lounge

Tales to be heard

  • Disney Stories

    Disney Stories

  • The Lowdown

    The Lowdown

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