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Explore Manchester with Oman Air

Explore Manchester & London with Oman Air Holidays Vacation Package

From 1st May, we will fly to this award-winning city every day of the week! With our modern fleet, luxury hospitality, and convenient connections, there’s never been a better time to travel with Oman Air.


Orig Dest Fare Basis Return Curr Base Fare Start from Taxes Travel End Sale End
HYD MAN OSE3MIA RT INR 46000 13405 31-Jul-17 10-May-17
GOI MAN NVE3MIA RT INR 27555 10096 - -
BLR MAN OSE3MIA RT INR 31100 11630 31-Jul-17 10-May-17
BOM MAN USE3MIA RT INR 36550 11626 31-Jul-17 10-May-17
LKO MAN NVE3MIA RT INR 37990 11925 - -
DEL MAN NVE3MIA RT INR 39390 13090 - -
TRV MAN LSE3MIA RT INR 43000 11596 31-Jul-17 10-May-17
MAA MAN USE3MIA RT INR 43400 11725 31-Jul-17 10-May-17
JAI MAN NVE3MIA RT INR 44180 12093 - -
COK MAN USE3MIA RT INR 49000 11381 31-Jul-17 10-May-17
CCJ MAN LSE3MIA RT INR 57000 11861 31-Jul-17 10-May-17
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