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Train the Trainer

Intended - Any employee is conducting training. 
- Any employee who is intends to conduct training. 
- Trainers and Facilitators
Objective - Setting clear, achievable and measurable objectives for delivering your training
- Understanding learning styles - how you and your delegates like to learn.
- This can have a big effect on the way you deliver training
- Gaining the attention of your delegates and dealing with difficult delegates Varying your training methods to keep delegates interested Checking that your delegates have really learned
Content - Build "instant" rapport with participants and get buy-in from the beginning
- Deliver content logically and simply in a brain-friendly fashion
- Orchestrate the optimum environment for your training
- Engage the audience in multi-faceted, ingenious ways to facilitate learning
- Use and combine compelling audio & visual aids to utilize more senses
- Choose creative and stimulating delivery formats
- Facilitate partner and group activities applicable to learning goals
- Transfer information from short-term to long-term memory
- Plan and design a seamless, multi-sensory training that will have lasting impact
- Apply Accelerated learning strategies for results-boosting, super-charged training
Duration 3 working days
Pricing RO 415 per participant

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