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Management of Training

Intended Experienced trainers and those fully familiar with training principles and practice seeking to become training managers or lead a training unit.
Objective - Gain critical insights into the role of training in organizations
- Training and development’s role in the overall organization
- Learn to develop strategic plans for program development, maintenance
  and renewal
- Exercise better financial management
- Improve your management of training resources
- Understand key concepts and lessons on integrating computer
  technology into training
Content - From training to learning in organizations
- Business and operational models for training
- Systems thinking and a systemic approach to managing training.
- Training for organizational improvement: developing a strong Vision.
- Strategic and operational planning.
- Effective financial management of the training unit.
- Staffing the training unit.
- Leading and guiding training staff.
- Measuring and evaluating trainer performance.
- Measuring overall results and return on investment(ROI)
- Integrating computer technology into training
Duration 3 working days
Pricing RO 415 per participant

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