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International Certificate in Purchasing & Supply (CIPS)

Unit 1 (5 days)
Understanding Purchasing Principles

  • The importance of quality, delivery, price, quantity and place
  • Developing Specifications and using standards
  • Brand names, samples, designs and drawings
  • The principles of standardization
  • The purpose of a contract
  • Legal responsibilities of the buyer and seller
  • Relevant legislation – ethical considerations and the CIPS ethical code

Unit 2 (5 days)
Selecting the Right Suppliers

  • Understanding the importance of selecting the right supplier in the purchasing process
  • Sources of supply
  • Supplier appraisal and its importance
  • Evaluating supplier capability and commitment
  • Sources of information for Supplier evaluation
  • Methods of obtaining quotations or tenders from suppliers
  • How to evaluate tenders received from suppliers

Unit 3 (5 days)
Effective Negotiation

  • Understanding negotiation
  • How to plan negotiation and the factors
  • The people involved and their behavior
  • Setting objectives for the negotiation
  • Conducting the negotiation at various stages
  • Persuasion methods and tactics
  • Characteristics and body language
  • Cultural differences
  • Face-to-face and telephone negotiations

Unit 4 (5 days)
Managing Inventory

  • Understanding inventory and its importance to the organization
  • Cost of ordering and holding stock
  • Evaluating stock costs
  • Control stock effectively and efficiently
  • Determining demand
  • Forecasting Systems
  • Setting Safety and Service levels
  • Inventory planning and control systems such as MRP, MRPII, DRP and JIT
  • Stores/Warehouse location and layout
  • Materials flow, recording transactions

Unit 5 (5 days)
The Business Environment

  • Understanding the business environment
  • Different types of organization
  • Corporate Culture, goals and strategy
  • The organization product lines and markets
  • Types of Organizational Structures
  • How corporate strategy affects the purchasing and supply function
  • Information systems
  • The impact of corporate policies on quality, health, safety and human resources
Pricing: RO 3500


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