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Featured Movie of the Month

  • Lion


    Five-year-old Saroo is separated from his family after accidentally boarding a train to Kolkata, but sets out to find them 25 years later.

    Category: Hollywood
    Sub Category: New Onboard

Other Movies

  • Fences


    A working-class African American father tries to raise his family in the 1950s while coming to terms with the events of his life.

    Category: Hollywood
    Sub Category: New Onboard

  • Passengers


    Two spaceship passengers begin to fall for each other after they're awakened from suspended animation a lifetime before they reach their destination.

    Category: Hollywood
    Sub Category: New Onboard

  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

    Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

    In a time of conflict, a group of unlikely heroes band together on a mission to steal the plans to the Death Star, the Empire’s ultimate weapon.

    Category: Hollywood
    Sub Category: New Onboard

  • 20th Century Women

    20th Century Women

    The coming-of-age story of a young boy growing up with three headstrong women living in a shared household in 1970s Santa Barbara, California.

    Category: Hollywood
    Sub Category: New Onboard

  • Assassin's Creed

    Assassin's Creed

    Cal Lynch is a convict facing capital punishment when he gains an unexpected second chance thanks to the mysterious workings of Abstergo Industries.

    Category: Hollywood
    Sub Category: New Onboard

  • Collateral Beauty

    Collateral Beauty

    When a New York ad executive suffers a tragedy and retreats from life, his friends devise a drastic plan to reach him before he loses everything.

    Category: Hollywood
    Sub Category: New Onboard

  • Sing


    Dapper koala Buster Moon decides to host a singing competition to attract more customers to his theatre business.

    Category: Hollywood
    Sub Category: New Onboard

  • M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story

    M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story

    A chronicle of the inspiring journey of cricketer M.S. Dhoni, from his early days in Ranchi to India's victory at the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup.

    Category: International
    Sub Category: Bollywood New

  • Men 30 Sana

    Men 30 Sana

    A young man inherits a fortune from his former boss, but he believes the money carries a curse and decides to give it away to his greedy relatives.

    Category: Arabic
    Sub Category: Latest Release


  • The Truth about Money

    The Truth about Money

    Best-selling author and top financial advisor Ric Edelman gives you the information you need to help you achieve financial success.

    Category : Western
    Language : English


  • Mars:Novo Mundo

    Novo Mundo

    An epic, gripping event series that blends nail-biting drama with documentary to tell an incredible story of the first manned mission to Mars in 2033.

    Category : Western
    Language : English


  • Lethal Weapon:Pilot

    Lethal Weapon

    A slightly unhinged former Navy SEAL lands a job as a cop in LA, where he's partnered with a veteran detective trying to maintain a low stress life.

    Category : Western
    Language : English


  • Inside British Vogue:Episode 1

    Inside British Vogue
    Episode 1

    Vogue Magazine has had the world of high fashion. But in uncertain and changing times, what does the future hold for Britain's style bible?

    Category : Western
    Language : English


  • ATP World Tour Uncovered:Season 4, episode 1

    ATP World Tour Uncovered
    Season 4, episode 1

    A preview of the season ahead on the ATP Tour as well as a look at last year's best hot shots on the ATP Challenger Tour.

    Category : Western
    Language : English


  • Masters of the Truffle:Secrets of the Black Diamond

    Masters of the Truffle
    Secrets of the "Black Diamond"

    Black truffles are amongst the world's rarest and most expensive delicacies, but what are the secrets of this precious fungus?

    Category : Western
    Language : English

Easter Special

  • Baby Looney Tunes:Egg-straordinary Part 1

    Baby Looney Tunes
    Egg-straordinary Part 1

    Join your favorite Baby Looney Tunes characters- Bugs, Daffy, Tweety, Sylvester and Taz in the ultimate springtime quest– a hunt for the Easter Bunny!

    Category : Westerm
    Language : English


  • The Cars that Made Us:The Flashy Motors

    The Cars that Made Us
    The Flashy Motors

    The fascinating stories of some of the flashiest British cars to ever hit the road, including the Austin Healey 3000 and the MGB.

    Category : Western
    Language : English

Indian Subcontinent

  • Koffee with Karan:Ranbir Kapoor & Ranveer Singh

    Koffee with Karan
    Ranbir Kapoor & Ranveer Singh

    Ranbir Kapoor and Ranveer Singh take on Karan Johar's "personal" queries.

    Category : International
    Language : Hindi

Box Set

  • Kharaja Wa Lam Yaod:Episode 1

    Kharaja Wa Lam Yaod
    Episode 1

    Sulaiman's wife, Ghanima, gives him the power of attorney to manage all of her assets following her father’s death.

    Category : Arabic
    Language : Arabic

To suite your groove

  • Elvis Presley:For LP Fans Only

    Elvis Presley
    For LP Fans Only

  • Avril Lavigne:The Best Damn Thing

    Avril Lavigne
    The Best Damn Thing

  • Gavin DeGraw:Something Worth Saving

    Gavin DeGraw
    Something Worth Saving

  • Jean-Michel Jarre: Oxygene Trilogy

    Jean-Michel Jarre
    Oxygene Trilogy

  • Bruce Springsteen:Chapter and Verse

    Bruce Springsteen
    Chapter and Verse

  • Jannat:Sabah Elkher

    Sabah Elkher

  • A.R. Rahman & Srinidhi Venkatesh:OK Jaanu (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

    A.R. Rahman & Srinidhi Venkatesh
    OK Jaanu (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

  • Pritam, Arjit Singh & Antara Mitra, :Best of Bollywood: Shah Rukh Khan

    Pritam, Arjit Singh & Antara Mitra,
    Best of Bollywood: Shah Rukh Khan

  • Nigel Kennedy;Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra;The Stella:My World

    Nigel Kennedy;Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra;The Stella
    My World

  • D. Imman:Rubaai (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

    D. Imman
    Rubaai (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


  • Holy Quran

    Holy Quran

Tune in

  • Awtar


  • Mixata


  • Voice Of Oman

    Voice Of Oman

  • Chill Out

    Chill Out

  • Dance Club

    Dance Club

  • Urban Vibes

    Urban Vibes

  • Top Hitz

    Top Hitz

  • Bollywood Masala

    Bollywood Masala

  • Sufi for the Soul

    Sufi for the Soul

Tales to be heard

  • Disney Stories

    Disney Stories

  • The Lowdown

    The Lowdown

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